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"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Monday, October 19, 2015

Encounters #5: Slaying the Dragon

Sometimes I don’t understand all the visions and the emotions that I am encountering.  I have been having a few days of spiritual warfare, but I believe I am just going to another level of glory and freedom.  Sometimes that can feel like there is resistance in the spirit but it's actually just the resistance of a spiritual muscle getting stronger so to speak!  

Tonight I had a vision.  I was in a place with a small lake that was surrounded by tall trees on all sides.   There was a huge giant dragon in the vision.  I had a sword in my hand and as the dragon roared fire, I could also feel my spirit man roaring back.   I had this fight inside of me like this dragon could not defeat me.  Now, the dragon was like 100x bigger than me, and I thought to myself how am I going to kill him with this tiny sword.  I thought about David and Goliath.  Then I started to sing “This is my father’s world. “  Proclaiming and declaring Him as the sovereign King, as the creator of all things, including that dragon, as the One who gets the last word.  God began to rain down fire.  The fire burned everything in the whole scene.  The trees and the ground were burned dry.  The dragon was burned and was drowned and destroyed in the lake.  Everything was black and burned and so quiet.  It was like the aftermath of a storm, but it was so peaceful.  I remember thinking it was a wasteland.  I didn’t want anything to change.  I just wanted to stay in that place.  I felt relieved, peaceful, safe, close to God, and I was enjoying the stillness of everything around being just blackened by fire.  It stayed that way for a long time but then a faint light started to show like the light of the dawn.  The light became brighter and things started to slowly come to life.  Then faster and faster until there was new life everywhere and things were growing and forming and blooming and animals were moving and making sounds and there was LIFE everywhere.  Then Jesus came.  He flew over the lake where the dragon had been and He started spinning so fast with bright light shining out all around.  He is so powerful.  He stayed there for a while just spinning supernaturally fast and then He shot up to the sky and exploded like a huge white supernova.  He stayed there in the sky but His light from the explosion started to rain down.  It was raining everywhere all through that place like raining bars of light everywhere.  He started to roar over that whole place, “I will have my full reward”  He kept roaring there and the light kept raining down everywhere.  I didn’t know what else He wanted to do and I slowly came out of the vision. 

At some point in the vision,  in the natural I was singing from my spirit.  I was singing what I was seeing but without words.  Just playing my keyboard and singing…and I remember thinking if I ever sang and played like this in a worship leading fashion people would not catch it or people would not receive it but the Lord said.  This is who you are.  I have given you something, a new sound, to release.  I believe the Lord wants to release a new kind of worship, a creative worship, where we are encountering Him in the Spirit realm and where we are just expressing whatever is happening in the spirit realm from our spirits using words or no words.  Freedom.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is… there is freedom. 

After the vision, I wept with relief and it was just a very intense vision. 

I wrote this several days ago and wanted to process it more before I shared it on my blog.  After this vision, a heaviness and burden I had been carrying was immediately gone and never came back.  I am in a battle right now over my destiny and identity.  I am pressing in and contending for the fullness of my creativity and calling.  The Lord is fighting for me and this is why He keeps roaring in my visions.  He is roaring over my destiny.  He is contending for me.  He is so good and so faithful.  I am going into a new and higher level of freedom, revelation, intimacy, relationship, walking in my identity and destiny and it is AWESOME!  I am in a place I have never been in my entire life and it is feeling good.  I can still feel the warfare on some days and the tension of the pull from one place to the next and I can't wait FOR THE FULLNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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