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"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Encounters #1: Dancing on the water

It was our usual place.  Not far from the horizon line.  Barefoot in the middle of the ocean on top of the water as the sun painted tropical dusk through the sky.  We didn’t just walk on the water.  We danced.  We always dance.  Face to face, heart to heart, eye to eye, cheek to cheek.  He whispers to me of His goodness... His kindness. 

As I looked into His eyes tonight, I marveled.  This man.  He knows me inside and out.  He knows me better than I know myself.  Every detail.  We don’t always speak with words.  He usually just reads my mind.  He laughed a little and said, “I made you.  Of course I know you.”  “Thank you for making me”, I said.  With my cheek next to His, I could feel his hair, his beard as He whispered into my ear…“I was so happy to make you” He said.  The words went deep down in my heart.  When He fashioned me He put purpose, creativity, song, destiny, desire, fire, so many good things inside of me.  He dreamed a joyful dream when He dreamed of me.  When He formed me and fashioned me in the secret place before the foundations of the world.  

Tonight His eyes were so vivid.  So clear.  So steady.  Maybe clearer than they have ever been before.  My capacity for Him is growing.  I can see His eyes more clearly now. 

We danced there on the water.  Heaven was so open.  The drums pounded and I could feel the tribal dance.  I danced and beat the water and splashed and threw buckets of water at Jesus.  We played and laughed there.  He invited me to go down deeper under the water.  I’m usually scared to go under the water.  I have before but I’m usually cringing when I do and I don’t like to stay very long.  There are so many creepy things down there….haha.  For a while we would go down and come up, just a little close to the surface.  Then we went deep down to the bottom.  He picked up a gold coin and brought it up for me.  Then something happened.  I went under the water with Him and this heavenly light came and I was so at peace under the water for the first time ever.  I swam and spun around and felt so free under the water with the beautiful light all around.  Jesus was right next to me.  I could breathe under the water too.   I just enjoyed the freedom, the peace, under the water with Jesus.  Suddenly I started moving faster.  With intention but not aware of where I was going.  I was moving faster than I could swim but without effort.  I was basically flying through the water.  I didn’t know where I was going.  Jesus stayed behind me.  I wondered to myself where I was going.  Then there He was.  Father God.  On His throne under the water.  It was an intimate moment.  Just Him and me there.  He spoke to me by name.  “Rebecca, you are very special.  When I created you, I put greatness inside of you.” As He said greatness, He roared it and it echoed through the entire ocean.  He continued roaring and said, “I will get my full reward.”  As He roared over me, I began to sob.  He was fierce and He was angry at what had tried to hold me back.  I knew as He was roaring He was speaking not only to my heart but also to every power, principality, and spiritual force in the heavenly realms and in the realm of that water where we were.  He was roaring over my fear, over my insecurity, over my destiny, over the fullness of my identity being restored.  He is a jealous God, a fierce protector and defender.  A good good Father. 

When I came up out of the water, I had super strength.  My hair was wet and I was dressed in like white tribal dance clothes.  I danced wildly and flew and I could kick and jump so high.  My spirit had been strengthened by the water.  

Those SYTYCD people ....got nothing on my spirit dancer. haha.

At some point, I went up, I flew up in to the heavens.  I joined with a flying flock of angels. They were flying very fast and in perfect sync with one another.  Somehow I had tagged on.  As we were flying, I tried to focus on their faces.  They were so happy and full of joy.  They were laughing with each other at how wild the flight was and how much fun it was.  They were flying because the Father was so so good.  Haha.  They were rejoicing because of His goodness! 

I saw the Father dancing in the throne room.  He was dancing as I worshipped.  As I sang, “You made a way” He was passionately dancing.  He is passionate to see His bride enter in, to step into the heavenly places.  He bought access for us by the blood of Jesus.  He bought it with His blood, His life, His Crucifixion.  May He get His full reward and may we take hold of and use the free ticket He bought for us on the cross.  May we enter in and commune with our Beloved. 

For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus  Ephesians 1:20


Melissa J said...

Just gorgeous!!!! The flow of your words is so free! I love the under-water-Father! Deep-sea-Daddy!

Giant Slayer said...