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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Beginnings:Sign up to Sponsor!

My Father's House Missions International

I am so excited to announce a huge transition in our ministry and a new beginning! For the past year and a half we have been operating under an existing non profit as a branch of their ministry. This year we have formed our own non profit corporation and are excited to begin operating independently! We have formed a new board, done a lot of paperwork, have a great sponsorship team, and are now on our way! We are really excited about our sponsorship team and their hearts for orphan care. They are an existing orphan care group from Jackson TN, a group of passionate moms with hearts for adoption. They are ready to begin forming real relationships between sponsors and their children or teachers in Uganda. They have a passion to manage it well and make sure correspondence is done properly and with integrity! I am so excited to see what these women are going to do! They have so many great ideas.

We are finishing up our new website design where everyone who has a heart to sponsor or donate can sign up or just to find our more information and learn about what we are doing in Uganda.

In the meantime, I wanted to give folks an opportunity to go ahead and sign up for sponsorships or to simply donate through my blog. You can currently give through a paypal account or with a credit card.


For $35 per month* you can change the life of a child from poverty and hopelessness to full of dreams and the provision they long for. Child sponsors often become important roles in our children’s lives in a fulfilling and encouraging relationship. It means so much to them to know they have someone who is praying for them and believing God for their destinies and futures. Many of them do not have a father or a mother and develop significant relationships with their sponsors. Some sponsors may even choose to visit their child to further that relationship.

As a child sponsor, you will be providing a child with:
`Quality Christian Education
`School Uniforms including Sportswear
`School Shoes
`Book Bag and School Supplies
`Medical Care
`Two nutritious meals every school day
`Christian Discipleship
`Bible Teaching
`Opportunities for Art and Music Education
`Counseling when needed

Children in our homes are provided with all of this and much more including individual birthday parties, social activities, family outings, dental care, clothing, shoes, daily vitamins, etc. These children are assigned two sponsors to help cover the costs of their basic needs.

My Father’s House Sponsorship Team is committed to providing you with:

A photo and background information on your sponsored child
An info sheet about sponsorship
At least once per year correspondence in the form of either a letter or drawing from your child with an update on your child’s progress
A quarterly e-newsletter with updates on the progress of our school and sponsorship programs.

Our teacher sponsorship program is also a great way to have a friendship with someone from across the world. When you sponsor a teacher, you will receive a photo with that teacher’s name and background information as well as what age group they are teaching in school. For $50 per month, you can sponsor a teacher with a portion of their salary for the month. In addition, we encourage you to pray for your teacher, write encouraging letters to him/her, and send them a photo of you or your family. We believe this program will be such an encouragement to our staff, and they will be delighted to have a friend from across the ocean. This program is also in support of our children because without teachers, children cannot be educated.

After you sign up for a child or teacher sponsorship, you will receive a file with information on your matched child or teacher. You will also be able to write to and receive letters and photos from your child. Sign up here for a child or teacher sponsorship:

Sponsorship Options

Click here to make a one-time donation!

Also if you prefer to give through a paper check donation, you can send it to the following address:
My Father's House Intl
PO Box 12222, Jackson, TN 38308

Thank you and may God bless your generosity!

*We are currently a registered non profit corporation with 501c3 status pending and expect that your donation will be a tax deductible gift by the end of this year. If there is an unusual delay, the gift will be tax deductible next year! Thank you! :)

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