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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Institutional Orphanages looks like a LARGE number of children ...bigger than a family size in a building where usually many of them sleep in the same room and have one main caretaker.

Our model looks like bringing 10-12 children into a HOUSE where there is a mother figure and a father figure and probably other caretakers as well like an auntie or a grandma etc. It is a FAMILY.

God has asked me to bring His lost children HOME. We currently have 12 children in our home/family. 10 of them were brought in as former orphans and 2 of them are biological. One of them is 16 and doesn't have a father but is the son of our neighboring pastor who has come to bless our home by helping us. These kids are NOT orphans anymore. They are now a part of a family and understand themselves to be sons and daughter, princes and princesses of the most High God!!!! Their Father is the King of Kings. They don't like being called orphans and once when I had a sign up that said something about orphans they asked me to remove it from our home because that is not who they are! Holla. :)

Orphanages while providing many basic needs and shelter is just not what we are into. We are into homes and families because that's what God has called us to.

Please if anyone is sharing about our ministry do not call it an orphanage. We don't have an orphanage and we are not an orphanage. We are just people loving children by bringing them into families. We also educate many children in our community who often live with extended family like aunties and grandmas or even friends because their parents have died...so we offer them free school and meals and love and Jesus. We teach them as well that they are royal sons and daughters of the most high God once they come to know Jesus who makes a way for them to come to know their Father, the King of Kings. :-)

If you want to communicate that we are in orphan care, that's good. Just say she/they have an orphan care ministry that places children into families. Anyone heard of the ministry watoto? We are replicating this awesome model but adding fathers. :-)

Okay that's about all I want to say. :) Thanks everyone for all of your love and support and partnership. This is a touchy area for me because...I was once fatherless as well. Though I have been adopted by my Heavenly Father. I would never want to be part of an orphanage or called an orphan though. That's not who I am. That's not who these kids are either. It's what happened to them.

I am blessed and honored and humbled to love, serve, and empower the TRUE ROYALTY of the kingdom of God in these children.

God bless and keep you.

<3 Rebecca

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