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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Phiona's Healing.

Dear Friends,

It is with great delight and a deep down joy that I share with you the precious story of Phiona.

Phiona was one of the first girls' to come into our home. We didn't know the full extent of her history ....only that there was some abuse, threats of abuse, and abandonment. Of all the girls in our home, Phiona's eyes and personality were the least SPARKLY so to speak. She was always pretty quiet and detached. When we began having our nightly prayer and worship, God's PRESENCE began to flood our home. The kids would get so lost in worship and praise and the glory of God and His love were so present.

During several of these nights, Phiona began to "manifest" demonic spirits. She would scream and shake and hiss and scream out things. Nothing new to me though...One of the Fathers in our home would began ministering to her having been trained extensively in deliverance and inner healing. I watched one night as he stood in for every man who had abused her, rejected her and abandoned her and asked for her forgiveness. After she forgave through a shaky voice and so many tears, he released a father's blessing over her and THE FATHER's LOVE! After that night, there was a new glow about her. BUT...some issues began happening with her and the other girls. She confessed to always feeling left out of the group. She was feeling REJECTION by everyone in our home. We knew God was GOING DEEPER into her HEART! YES. The walls were coming down and His love was touching hidden wounded places. We worked on it with the girls but there was just a division between them all...and Phiona. I would tell the girls to give her extra love and include her and that each one of them should befriend her. Then after a couple of months of this issue...Phiona stopped speaking. The girls said she just strained her voice at school with too much singing. Phiona could kind of speak through a whisper but that was it. We thought it would go away in a week or so...just a strain. But it didnt. In fact it lasted for months. We took her to several doctors who prescribed different medicines for her and NOTHING worked. Finally one doctor the specialist...told us that he has seen this exact same thing many times in girls who have been abused and abandoned. He said he wanted her to see a psychiatrist. I was so heartbroken to hear this. The enemy still had his grip on her and was silencing her beautiful voice and her beautiful praise to God through these wounds. My heart sunk to the ground. I called on everyone to begin praying for her. FOr her HEART to be healed so that her voice would be free to speak. THe doctors wanted her to be put on antidepressants and I refused that. God is much bigger and more powerful than any drug that would mess with a 12 year old's brain chemicals. No thank you. Four MONTHS after her voice stopped speaking....I had a special time of prayer with the Grace Center children. I wept tears of ...well sadness i think...as each one of these precious children each prayed for Phiona by name asking God to heal her, declaring her healing, filling her with His love and all the rest. They are mighty in childlike faith and pure in heart. God HEARS AND ANSWERS THEIR PRAYERS. Those kids have prayed in a car, a school, a home, and so many other things for me. God QUICKLY answers their prayers. So...after they prayed...on MONDAY the very next day...I got a phone call from Uganda. Phiona had begun SPEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was at night there so I couldn't talk to her. Our school head teacher had also ministered to her that Monday and laid hands on her. Late that night...she spoke and spoke and spoke. The next day I talked to her as my eyes filled with tears so happy to HEAR HER VOICE. Such a sweet sound....a joyful african child praising and thanking God.

I just want to share this story as it is another block in the building of God's FAITHFULNESS. HE IS SOOOO FAITHFUL! He is our Healer, our Deliverer, our everything. In His house, ....in My Father's House...no sickness can stand and every one of our needs is abundantly met.

We believe Phiona will be completely healed in every way....her heart her mind her body. Because that's what His word promises...and that's who He is...and that's what we have in HIS HOUSE! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who filled the prayer bowls for Phiona. I cry tears of thankfulness even as I type this. Much Love...Much Faith...Much Hope.
Auntie Becky


Anonymous said...

Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Praise God!!!!

LivingFree said...

This is awesome Rebecca! Have you told the children at Grace Center! I am sure they would love to hear of God's faithfulness in answering their prayers! Keep up the good work, God is using you in miraculous ways to see His purposes accomplished! I am proud of you!

Lacey said...
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Lacey said...

I am left with no words just a glowing heart. I even received encouragement in my own healing walk thru reading this. I also got excited for when I get to finally live a life like yours overseas with Fathers royal kids, its gotta to be getting closer to that time.