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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only Jesus Can...

This is the story of 3 princesses and their desperate mother.

I couldn't believe the words. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach and my heart flew out from the blow. These were my children. Children I loved... children I knew...children I cared for so much. How could this have happened?

The mother told us she didn't have enough money to feed them during the weeks between our school terms. When they are in school, they get two meals per day. Often times in the between school days, the aunties and moms can't even afford to feed their kids...that's the truth. So they send them out wherever they can to extended family...like to the villages where they can get free potatoes and rice for very cheap. So that's what she did. She her three youngest daughter out to the grandfather's village so that they could eat. But all 3 of them, ages 4, 7, and 7 (twin girls), were tragically raped by a stranger and infected with HIV. I couldn't believe this. Our sweet girls?

I tried to brush it off cause I had a lot of work that day...but I could not bear it. I got angry and said okay, I have to go and write more emails and keep getting the word out about what we are doing...but I just could not be strong. I collapsed on my bed and cried. I felt paralyzed. I felt helpless. I cried out to God to heal them. There was nothing I could do...except to feel the pain and to pray.

Then I found out they were walking VERY far to get to school. The mother was terrified that they would be kidnapped and used for child sacrifice. Very common here. People try to pierce as many parts of their children as possible because the more pierced they are the less likely they will be sacrificed. Jesus. Plus the walk was so far and they were walking at night and coming back very tired. The mom never gave them supper except for sometimes bread and tea, so all they were eating was porridge for breakfast from school and beans and rice from lunch at school. Not the best diet if that's all you are eating and with HIV nutrition is so very important.

My dear friend here Michael who I work with in the ministry here kept saying that "God should have mercy, and heal them." He told me the story of his own mother. She was infected with HIV. She died and they wrapped her body. The family members were gathering around the body to grieve. He went out to pray and begged God for the life of His mother...as his father was already dead. Her story is that she went to heaven and saw Jesus. He told her that He was sending her back to be with her son. He's never told her about how He asked His heavenly Father to let her live... Now she's a pastor and moves powerfully in healing and deliverance.

So I got a little bit of hope...but it's so hard when you can't "fix it". When you can't give them money. When you can't give them food. When you can't do anything to make the problem go away. You get desperate with them. You go low with them. You get on your face and You beg the God of heaven and of earth to do what only He can do. You heart breaks with theirs...and you just die to all of what you did in your own strength... and realize how little you have and how little you are...but how BIG the God of heaven and of earth is.

So we fast and we pray and do all we can do...

God blessed us with some extra money to buy rice and beans for these girls for 1 month ...but it's not enough. There's so much more they need. We are looking for sponsors for these 3 little precious princesses to help get them what they need. We want 2 sponsors for each girl each at $35 per month. Their names are Faith and Mercy (the 7 yr old twins), and Ruth (the 4 yr old).

They have an older sister named Joyce. These 4 girls are all so incredibly beautiful and so sweet and precious. I adore them. We are also looking for 2 sponsors for Joyce as she will be leaving Royal Hope and we want to help her get to secondary school next year.

If you sponsor these girls, we will faciliate letter writing so that you can have a connection with them and stay updated on all their stories and progress. Thank you ...from the bottom of my heart...if you are able to help these treasures...thank you.


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