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"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Experiencing His Heart!

My work with orphaned children has brought me into so many revelations of the Father's Heart! All of the children at our school and especially the ones that I am blessed to live with in our children's home become like my own children. I have indeed become a "mother of many". What is so powerful is the way I EXPERIENCE what the Father must go through with all of His children...to a tiny degree...in my heart, in my emotions. God is a God of Love and of course He never panics or fears anything! But I know the heart of my God grieves. People always say guess what? God is in a good mood...and yes God is a God of joy but He is so multifaceted. He is also a God that weeps and grieves when His children are raped, sacrificed to the Devil in exchange for $ (a VERY common practice in Uganda), infected with HIV, and every other EVIL DEMONIC thing. I used to ask myself and God...why He allows these things? Why isn't He stopping it? Why is He so silent? I have learned to a degree of what happens in the Spiritual world as well as the power of the human will and choice which God never violates. However, He also never leaves us...meaning though He may not stop a child from being violated...HE NEVER leaves that child. He is always with them.

A few of our girls at home were recently relocated which was not my choice. I grieved the loss as they left. I had poured heart and soul and prayers and every thing I knew how to pour into those radiant princesses of the King of Kings. God told me to allow what was happening to happen and not to fight against it...which is ANTI my NATURE! lol...If anyone really knows me...you know I'll FIGHT for JUSTICE ESPECIALLY WHEN CHILDREN ARE INVOLVED!! haha! So I kept silent and trusted in my Great Big Father! Recently some of the girls have come back to stay with us. Such joy mixed with a great passion filled my heart. I wept tears of...joy as I had been wounded by love for these girls. But two of them have yet to return...! Today as I was eating breakfast ...I was thinking of how it's not enough. It's not enough for only some of them to be back. It's almost more painful because they are reminders that the other ones are not there. I felt such a hole in my heart at their absence. God whispered to me that He feels the same way...

The name of our ministry is My Father's House! The Lord began to speak to me that the way I was feeling was a tiny ounce of what He feels when His children leave His house... and then return! What joy what Love what wonderful cries there are in Heaven when they return. and when they don't? There is a hole in the heart of the Father that longs for them that aches and pleads for them. He never gives up on them. He always wants them to come back HOME. I'm sure I'll always feel that same way for my girls....

If you have left the house of Your Father in any way...He longs for you with an unspeakable Love. Please Come Home to His heart...

May God protect and bless them, prosper them and not harm them, give them a hope and a future, make His face to shine upon them and be Gracious unto them. Amen.

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