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Friday, May 1, 2009

Poverty and Passion #2.

Well let me tell you what...life is full of surprises and adventures...and while I wouldn't have it any other way really...sometimes I do get a bit overwhelmed.

I'm so thankful for all God is doing lately. He is so faithful to me. He is so close an ever present help in time of need. Last week I was so blessed to be able to buy a car. I bought it just in time to take a road trip...literally the day before I left! haha. God can be so 11:59 with me sometimes. I discovered that He is helping me to grow in patience...which usually requires...waiting. A new friend reminded me today that the "testing of our faith produces patience" Hello. I think that scripture pretty much sums up the season that I am currently walking in. I have such big vision and dreams that the Lord has put in my heart and it is like seeing each step to get there, and they are tiny little baby steps that take forever! Obstacle after obstacle after hurdle. Like today...

I just wanted to open a PO Box. Because...I don't have a street address right now. Which interpreted some would say I'm homeless...I prefer to say I don't have a street address right now. So I needed a PO Box in order to receive mail for the ministry as I need an address for people to send donations and sponsorship forms to us. Well, turns out you have to have a street address and proof of residency in order to get a PO Box. Well that just collapsed my little plan... and tested my faith which I'm sure somehow will produce patience in me. ;-) God is so much bigger than all of the circumstances but sometimes He allows them because He is after something in our hearts ...like FAITH and PATIENCE! haha.

I was blessed last Sunday night to visit Trinity Church. I was able to speak about the church's responsibility and role in caring for orphans around the world and to sing and minister in song. My two loves! In one night! I was also overwhelmed by the church's generosity. I now have a bit of leverage for next month! Praise the LORD!

My biggest challenge right now is resting and relaxing and trusting. I know God is going to provide and do it all. Sometimes I just carry all the responsibility of it. I know that is not right. I know it is not my job to do it. It is a big challenge for me though. I just want to wake up the church. I just want them to know about what we are doing there. I want people to lay down their lives and get out of their boxes. I want to see a movement of compassion to the point that people will be willing and joyfully giving sacrificially of what they have.

I'm contemplating my tent idea still. Right now I'm staying with a precious family for a week or so while I'll be watching the kids of another family who live pretty close by. After that...I just might get a big tent and go on an extended camping trip in the woods behind the Youngs house. and by extended I mean...that's where I would live. I want to sell everything I don't NEED and give all the money away.

I've prayed for free rent. Because I need to pay off a bill and want to use my time and work here in the states to pay it off and save for the next trip. I'm still believing God for that.

Well all in all...it's a challenging but exciting season of life. So many good things are being born of the Spirit in my life.

The necklace sales are doing very well. I just got a new shipment in today! Which I was probably glowing about I was so happy! I love that jewelry. It is so bright and fun and colorful and beautiful and creative and unique. and it has such a sweet connection to the continent that I love. I also received some letters from the children at Royal Hope. They are a true joy in my life.

I'm also beginning on the process of printing CD's. Sold quite a few in pre sales this last weekend! That will be such a desire and dream fulfilled when it is finally here!!!!!

Well, God is good. Life is tough. Don't get the two mixed up. Someone said that to me this week. I liked it.

Oh I'm also praying for a husband! I believe God has a sweet one looking for me. He must either be on african time or not very good at hide and seek...cause I'm not even hiding! haha....j/k. Actually one of my favorite quotes is maya angelou's 'A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her'. Again...more testing of faith...more patience...

and that's all she wrote. Goodnight.

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