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"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Monday, November 10, 2008

November 8 2008.

Hello friends and family!

Wow...how time flies! I have already been in the US for a month! It's been so wonderful to see all of you that I love so much. Still more faces to see and hugs to give...!

I have been praying and praying for God's direction for my next season. I had asked the Lord one night to give me a dream to show me something concerning the next steps for me. The dream I had was of a young orphan girl crying out desperately for her daddy. I held her and cried with her and felt that very familiar father wound. The girl was from another nation, either africa or india, both the nations of my heart. The cry of my heart for the past few years has been for orphaned, war affected, and enslaved children to come out of bondage into the realm of glorious light of the Father's LOVE! This is my own testimony, and I believe the Lord will do it again for many through my life. So I began to write a vision for a children's village that I have been feeling the Lord is leading me to begin in Uganda. I have already attended a training that has shown me step by step how to do this...though as we all know in the kingdom, we are not always led by models, but also by the Holy Spirit. So that is what I have been feeling the Lord has shown me to begin taking small steps towards.

In addition, I have felt the Lord has shown me to continue working on music projects. Yesterday all day I was in my friend's studio recording vocals for two songs. They were both finished, and I have never completed two entire songs in one studio session! That was a miracle! still being edited mixed effects, etc, but hopefully ready soon! Please pray for God's favor to be upon my music and for all He has dreamed for me to be established.

I recently received a phone call from a friend from college who is doing a recording project to buy land to build a children's home in Nairobi. They have invited me to come and help with the project and to be a part of their team. I have a big yes in my Spirit about going with them. The project is supposed to be during the first half of January. I ask you to pray for them that the Lord will guide them in having all the details worked out and to give them 100% confidence and peace about this.

I also just received a phone call from some of my "family" in Kampala. One of the brothers from Family Gospel in Kampala, where I always stay and work with them, just inherited a school and orphanage of 80 precious children! They have asked me to take it over and to help them to expand. My dream is not to have a traditional institutional orphanage, but to put children into families in a village style setting that will include a school and medical clinic. However, I believe this is from the Lord and is supposed to be the beginning of that. I do ask for your prayers for God's guidance on this.

My last two trips to Africa, were very rich, but in some ways a bit shallow as I was traveling so much and visiting and learning while at the same time doing lots of short periods of ministry with various organizations. This trip I have felt like I need to begin getting something established and to go a bit deeper. I'm going to begin looking at plots of land and investigating the steps of establishing this village. A journey to bring children "home" to the Father's house and to the Father's heart. I'm really excited!

For right now, I am staying in Nashville for a short season and working as much as I can to save money. It's been SO good to be back at my home church, Grace Center, and to see all of my friends and spiritual family again. I have missed you. Thank you so much to all of you who have welcomed me with smiles and hugs and housing and a car for a couple of weeks ;) and all of that good stuff! I'm a blessed girl.

I have also been seeing that I need to seek some counsel concerning my personal and ministry finances. If anyone feels led to give me a bit of wisdom and coaching, let me know.

I ask for your prayers as always for God to take me deep into His heart during my season in the US, and for wisdom, guidance, clear hearing of his voice, and blessings on all my relationships... oh and that I won't take one step outside of His will for me...though I know He gives me grace if I stumble a bit like a toddler learning to walk. :)

I'm praying for all of you too!

Much love in Jesus,

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