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"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Monday, October 5, 2015

Encounters #3: The healing fountain of light.

Tonight the Lord has been speaking to me some about how we are spiritual beings.  We are spiritual beings having an earthly human experience, but before we were on this Earth we were spiritual beings.  We have come down to make known the glory, the truth, the love of God in the world... To shine His light, to learn, to love and to be loved.

Tonight I went to the sea of glass before the throne of my Father and I laid down in brokenness.  I wanted to release all my frustration, my pain, my anxiety, my angst.  I have been feeling frustrated about not being more manifested in certain areas of my life like creativity, relationships, romance, etc.  I just laid there feeling and releasing...letting it all go.

I felt led into a different place and as I went I came to a golden castle.  The castle was golden but made of light.  I crossed a golden pond and went inside the castle.  As I stepped inside, I was wearing a golden cloak, a tiara, and holding a torch, and a scepter.  I walked past a dining table where some heavenly creatures haha were sitting and eating.  Everything was golden and made of light.  They were surprised to see me there and murmured wondering how I had gotten there.  I commented saying that this was my home and I was a citizen of heaven.  They kind of marveled.  I walked past them into a kitchen area and in the kitchen was a big golden fountain of water and light.  It was beautiful.  I took off my cloak and set down the things I was holding and began to drink cupping the water with my hands.  I washed my face and enjoyed this heavenly water and fountain.  I removed everything and stepped into the fountain.  The light, the water, the vibrations flowed through me into my core and all the negative emotions were released from my body until there was only peace.  I stayed there for a long time.  At least half an hour.  Just letting the water, the vibrations go into my stomach.  In the natural I have digestive issues and I could feel that this water was bringing healing to me.  I saw a golden ball of light go into my stomach.  I stayed there just basking and bathing in this fountain for a very long time.

Another part of me who is a warrior came into the house.  He laid down his armor and He also got into the fountain.  He began to weep there as He felt such a sweet release and peace in this glorious presence of healing and love.  I was not in touch with the emotion but I was only seeing him experience this and understood what he was feeling.  He stayed in the fountain.

I started to leave the house but I decided to stay.  I was in a robe and slippers as if I was at a spa and I sat down at the table in front of the fountain and decided to stay there resting and drinking a tall glass of water from the fountain.

Now, all of this may sound strange but it was a spiritual encounter that was simply activated by my imagination.  My spirit and soul was receiving something from this heavenly place.  I believe I was receiving some degree of healing in both my soul and my body from Jesus who was this fountain of Living Water.  Thank You Holy Spirit for leading me to this golden castle of light and healing.  I bless You and thank You.  I believe You are doing a great work in my life and You are healing me, setting me free, and walking with me towards the manifestation of my destiny in You as You created me to be!  I worship You and thank You.

For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light. Psalm 36:9

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