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"For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, "Abba, Father." Romans 8:15

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our World...

So it has been MONTHS since I have blogged. With all the activity and progress of the last 5 months, I haven't had a lot of time to be introspective or at least not enough to be introspective and then share it. ;)

The past months have been a whirl of activity and expansion. We moved and built a new school, kitchen, and bathrooms for Royal Hope. We have had several missions teams come and serve with us and love on our children. We furnished our home with a dining table, couches, and a fridge (I think we said over 1000 prayers for these things between us all). We bought a ministry van. We hired a new auntie whom we adore and is aptly named Charity. We took in more children into our home...and I've come to an understanding that I'm actually a Foster Mom to 17 (I think were at 17 now) amazing african children. Whew...deep breath. We've seen God heal, deliver, restore broken relationships, bring many children to salvation, and most importantly...we've watched as children come to know and understand that they are loved.

Every week has been filled with exciting times which I'm hoping to go back and blog about ...from birthdays to our amazing Passover meal to incredible times of worship with our now close to 400 royals at Royal Hope to sweet moments with my kids at home, road trips, mission teams that have enlarged our family, my first mother's day (wow), and all the rest in between. We have also faced many challenges as we experienced gunfire just outside of our compound gate for several days as war and riots broke out across Uganda*** and our school was twice attacked with blatant withcraft (which I'll spare the details). Many days we are hard pressed on every side but the joy of our salvation and the joy that is set before us...keeps us going.

I'm honored and blessed to be doing what I do and living where I live and serving my amazing kids. Thank you to all who are making it possible!

We are planning a PRINCESS RETREAT for my 7 older girls ages 11-14...(they are beyond excited about it.) My initial motivation in doing this was to spend time and have fun with them, pour truth into them, and to show them that there is possibility for them in the world outside of our village. My plan is to take them to a guesthouse where they can have yummy food and stay in a place where they will just feel special and very blessed. There were many screams of joy and dancing when I told them about it. :) If you'd like to contribute towards this, please do so through our website. Blessings!

Here's a video of what I woke up to one morning. The girls woke up earlier than me and took their bedsheets and made them into "model" dresses. This was between 7 and 8 am on a Saturday. Enjoy! ;-)

***Please continue to pray for the PEACE of Uganda as there are continued threats of riots due to political issues between the president and his opposition parties!


Brenda said...

They are very creative in their fashion! May have some designers among the family. What most impressed me, is they are children getting to be children because of what you do. Blessings on you and your family of 17!

RebeccaKristen said...

These kids are very multi-talented for sure and we have lots of fun! ;) Thank you!