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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I do in America.

So lately Ive been thinking about how unusual my life is compared to most American people. So I just thought I'd share with you what my American life looks like. I'm very thankful that my life looks a little bit different...okay a lot different...most of the time.

When I first got to America this year, I was in a hazey daze for about four days. There were no fireworks and even few phone calls those first few days. Sometimes it just takes some time to adjust to a new time zone and diet and living situation. I felt like I was floating or something the first time I drove my car. Seriously it was like physically a very odd feeling. Emotionally, I was psyched beyond my dreams! I remember driving to Wal Mart and feeling like it was more like Disney World with all the choices of anything you could possibly desire. I was beyond excited. McDonald's? I used to be anti but after all the nastiness of imposter hamburgers in Uganda...I was in heaven. High speed internet, Oprah on tv, Hamburger, fries, and a smoothie. I thought I'd gone to heaven. During these first few days, I had many things to do like...

Moving my leftover stuff from Ms Jan's house into my storage unit.

Moving my stuff that I would need over the next several months into my new house...L, my Ugandan friend's apartment, where I would be sleeping on a large comfy couch and storing my stuff in her laundry room now turned large closet. We speak Luganda sometimes too ...to keep me sharp.

Reactivating my car insurance

Running all over town to find a phone charger for my ancient baby nokia cause I left the other one in uganda...no chance in getting that over here...and finally biting the dust and buying a phone after not finding one that fit.

Going to different stores to find a bathing suit on sale to swim in and only finding string bikinis...um no.

Going shopping at Target for the summer sales for 12 kids and fighting every urge to spend over $100.

Buying 12 sets of twin sheets...on sale of course.

Spending a nice amount of money on Skype listening to tiny voices at home speak Luganda and me trying to speak it back ha.

Finally after NOT seeing my friends for a few days ...pretty much on purpose...I felt like a recluse and had to get out!

Then I went to a pool party where I was bear hugged. We played Balderdash all night and I laughed til my stomach hurt. American humor was quite refreshing.

Then I got to work. I worked one night at our church's childcare for $20, then I started on the madness.

I spent 5 hours at McDonald's working on our financial reports for our amazing financial guru/accountant friend which required some net access. I spent another 5 hours at McDonald's working on emails and trying to get a file sent to my friend to make our DVD. McDonald's pretty much became my office that week.

I did a photo shoot of product with my friend Mary. I printed off information and brochures, organized and packed up product and videos and headed west to Arkansas. I had my first event only a couple days after I got there. I did 6 events within 10 days and I was wiped out. I got to eat hamburgers with my home girls and see all my family at a cookout where we also ate more hamburgers. Ate birthday cake and opened birthday presents in September. My birthday is in June.

I was basically whisked around spoke at the rotary club, our fashion luncheon, and my old high school where I left a storm of controversy for saying that our kids had come to "salvation in Christ and out of these false religions and practices" including Polygamist Islam, Rhasta, and witchcraft. I offended a few wiccans and polygamist muslims in the audience. It didn't even cross my mind before or even after my speech that I might offend anyone though I did show our less overtly Christian video. But I got pretty slammed on the facebook by some high schoolers or maybe their 'little friends' all the charismatic readers know who I'm referring to...ha. Kids these days... ;-)

So yeah that was a crazy wild ride of a week. Then I packed and squeezed everything back into my car, drove 8 hours back to Nashvegas and had meetings the next day, today starting at 8am. Its not 4pm and i just felt like blogging though Im quite tired actually. Tonight I'll be doing financial reports.

My only requests for fun during this trip is to go to the little family variety show in my hometown and perhaps go on a hayride and to a bonfire. Something American. Maybe to a couple movies too. :)

This week I have meetings, a million things to send out on emails, to design a new brochure with new products on it, to work on my schedule, a jewelry party, etc. Next week...I move to Jackson for a week to talk to some churches that visited us in Kampala and asked me to come and share and possibly partner (praying for that to happen!). I actually can't wait to see those people again. They were so kind and loving. The way Christians should be. Then I get a couple weeks back in Nash back to Hot Springs then to Birmingham I believe maybe to Oklahoma back to Nash and Hot Springs.....then I have to figure out how to get hundreds of shoes and teddy bears across the ocean....before going BACK TO AFRICA where I start our new building project. I will take at least a few days off before that project starts in Jesus name.

My life is a trip huh? Literally.

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Eva said...

It made you appreciate the little things more it sounds like! That's great :)